The Orgone Trail: Full Interview with Orgonite El Paso

2013: In late August Mando Blanco, a.k.a. Orgonite El Paso hopped into the back of a van packed with musicians for a triangular road trip.
"A Coil" by David Scheier and Adobe Illustrator
His journey went from El Paso, Texas up to Chicago, Illinois and back down to New Orleans before hooking back west. Blanco is a musician, but this trip wasn't about music, it was about spreading Orgone energy throughout the West and Midwest of the United States. Blanco was on a mission or a pilgrimage of sorts, selling his merchandise which consisted of necklaces, bracelets, charms, medallions, "vortex generators," figurines and other trinkets which he kept in a small black case. During his visit to Chicago I met up with him for a few drinks, to catch up on our youth in El Paso, and to talk about Mandos movement from art and stand-comedy to his new venture Orgonite*. What drew him in and what keeps him in. My purpose, to allow him at great length to voice his craft and to promote what I admire; the intricate and delicate art that goes behind each product. As a side note, I do not have an opinion on the matters of Orgone Energy and its effects. My intent is only to distinguish good craftsmanship, artistic bravado, and a passion for sharing oneself with the world by creative expression.

It had been about four years since I last saw Blanco in El Paso (El Chuco Town). Upon moving to the Windy City I had often suggested that Blanco visit here, even move out of El Chuco Town and pursue his comedy. We would text, we would chat on Facebook, and once or twice we spoke on the phone. Then one day he vanished and returned under the name Orgonite El Paso -- a strange phantom on Facebook (FB), dropping images of jewelry, photos of "Chem-trails*"  and new age videos. Blanco was no longer the same cat I knew, and why would he be? He went from casual pen-and-ink doodler to writer to stand-up comedian in half a decade, and now he was this artisan type. His drawings were typically of the macabre: zombies, skeletal minions, deformed peoples, and demons. His FB status updates were once negative and dark, now they are positive and warm. Still, he has managed to retain a darkness in his craft. One can purchase a skull pendant in the style of a (Día de Muertos) sugar skull. Every piece is hand made and has a bit of steam-punk charisma. Orgonite El Paso still does illustrations too, only now they are based on many of the Orgonite Concepts and mathematical equations.
Stolen from Orgonite El Paso's Facebook
An example of one of his sugary Orgo-skulls is provided for your eyes to salivate. Regardless if one is thrilled for the energy saving uses these items claim to have, or if one finds them beautiful, it might be beneficial to hear or see (video link provided) what Orgonite El Paso's purpose as a artist is all about.

As mentioned previously I was fortunate enough to meet up with him and let him crash at my pad while he spent time in the city. When we met up, later in the evening after I was released from work, he was strutting around, head tossed in the air looking for some sort of land marks or maybe just taking in the Autumn air. We promised we would save all the good bits of conversational-catchup for the interview and for a few days we did just that. We hung out, drank some beers and caught up on issues of life, not art, not what happened to him during that time he vanished, until the second to last night I saw him in Chicago. We had met up again after I was free from work. We grabbed some cheap beers, some cheap whiskey with generic cola and sat down in my kitchen. Blanco pulled out his Iphone, placed it on an empty chair, and then poured him self a drink. I was already sitting down, organizing my notes, ready for him to share with me his purpose, craftsmanship, and approach to his practice.

Subterranean Art Jive (SAJ): Why Orgonite?
Orgonite El Paso (OEP): [On the start of his Orgonite career] I became a conspiracy nut and was looking for solution's. I believed in reptilians, thought reptile people existed. I found this information online regarding how to spot a reptile: Wear a piece of Orgonite. "Lizard people" react badly to Orgonite. However, I never experienced a lizard man. Coincidentally the pendent I wore to ware off lizard folk lead me to meet other Orgoes [a term of endurance for Orgonite lovers and users].  
SAJ: First Orgonite?
OEP: I can't recall first Orgonite.

SAJ: [Being an illustrator, pen and ink artist] How did your art change after shifting to Orgonite?
OEP: My talent, anything I see, I can put on paper. Orgonite is based on Wilhelm Reich's vortex based mathematics. After a year of decoding math I started to incorporate it into my artwork and it manifested into something different. It was based off of sacred geometry: the blue print of the universe. 
SAJ: Do you still draw?
OEP: I do, but I focus on Orgonite and [stand up] comedy.
SAJ: Does Orgonite find its way into your comedy bits?
OEP: At first no, then slowly people said do some Orgo-comedy and after awhile it started to come out. However, the Orgo-comedy is still in its infancy. 
SAJ: How has Orgonite changed since you started?
OEP: I research and experiment often. There's a lot of misinformation going around. . . Experiments with many things with nature, metal and energy. It pushes me to discover personal truths and to question. I always question (everything now) my Orgonite. . . it is not fact, but I feel [there is something real there].
SAJ: How do you make it? 

OEP: I use quartz and silica, crush them, add iron shavings and other metals, Blue Tourmaline or iron oxide -- I like those metals because they melt down and squeeze it all together-- then I mix it with a fiberglass resin. I put them into pre-made molds and set up shop at art fairs. I've been selling them for over a year and twoish years just making them. I make some for aesthetic purposes to sell and a few rough experimental ones which I give away. One fun fact [possibly due to the metals]: Orgonite will manipulate a compass. The process on how it is made is a as follows:

  • Before I purchase a batch of resin I pre-make each piece in my head.
  • While resin cures I go back in my head and meditate what I want out of my creations. It's like basic Alchemy.
  • Orgonite Austin: Dowin Gardner*, he's behind my inspirations. I want to prove him right or wrong. His name inspired Orgonite El Paso. We're like the same dude. Orgonite is a verb not a noun.
  • I then hand wrap [with threads of metal] all my Orgonite and crystals. I'm the only Orgnotie maker that I know that hand wraps.
SAJ: Where will this go as an art form?

OEP: I want to recalibrate the atmosphere. We [people] work against nature. Despise it. I want to recalibrate it. I do it for two reasons: (1.) People and (2.) Nature. I plan to grid the city of El Paso.
: What does it mean to "grid" the city?
OEP: I use Google map to look up telephone wires. There are 400 in one neighborhood alone. I bury non-ascetically appealing Orgonite or put some in a bush near the telephone post.When I craft Orgonite to sell, one side is made to be attractive and the other is black, that's the Orgonite. 
SAJ: Why Jewelery?
"Piece of Heart with a single terminated quartz behind it."
From Oronite El Paso's Facebook.
Image used without permission.
OEP: I wanted to convince people to buy one and then explain what it is, make it look cool -- pretty.

SAJ: What is the one thing you would like people to take away from your work? 

OEP: I want people to be encouraged to think critically when engaging in New Age, spiritualism, and Orgonite, there's a lot of fallacy. Be objective about what you are involved in. Many Orogonite dealers don't explain how this stuff works. I do, I actually utilize the crystals. At a store [in Chicago] a girl said it's not trendy enough. It is not going to catch on. A lot of people are making this stuff though. 
Putting some Orgone under my pillow at night it helps me sleep. At the end of the day I don't know if it's a placebo because when one believes in something one gives it power. It's hard to say if it's real. I constantly question its effects and I constantly see positive signs. Placebo or not, I'm on the right track. It pays my rent and people benefit from it.

Below you can also watch the full and un-cut "intimate interview" that took place at my pad. Make sure to check out Orgonite El Paso's Facebook page for jewelry listings and events:
And check out his YouTube account for workshops and other interviews:

Illustration: Orgonite El Paso by David Scheier

* Orgonite
In the 1930's and 1940's, Dr. Wilhelm Reich was able to detect and measure the existence of etheric energy (life energy, chi, etc.), which he called orgone, using a modified geiger counter "(Orgonite" definition from: Orgonite [dot] info.  n.d. 17 Dec. 2013).

* Chem-trails: a visible trail left in the sky by an aircraft and believed by some to consist of chemical or biological agents released as part of a covert operation ("Chem-trail" definition. Oxford Dictionary [dot] com. 2013. Oxford Univ. Press. 17 Dec. 2013).

* Orgonite Austin, Dowin Gardner's Website:

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