Monday, January 30, 2012

Lightness and Darkness (L & D): Print Media Mayhem

There's a new print project eclipsing the multidisciplinary art scene. It's headed by two of the grooviest chicks this side of the Milkyway: Nicki Yowell & Taleen Kalenderian.

Nicki (Lightness), creator of the "Za: The Pizza Zine" and "Flush: An Epically Shitty Zine" is on the Midwest/Chicago side of this project. 

Taleen (Darkness), founder of "Dum Dum Zine" and virtual photojunkie at "Photomaton" is on the Westcoast/Los Angeles side.

Together they raised enough greenbacks to get this thing into the light and into the shadows of the subterranean art world--making this a worthwhile project to mention here.
You can still make a pledge at Kickstarter:

Check 'em out on there Tumblr!

You're probably thinking, do they have a facebook? Flipping yes they do, and they'd love it if you liked them!

Get your zine knowledge on with Nicki:

Check out Taleen at:

and look for her zine at Quimby's