Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Greenleaf Band at Goose Island Wriggleyville

Okay, the members are characters that look like they stepped out of an indie comic-book. Imagine an orchestra of peasant shirts and baggy jeans, toss in some nice checkered heels and a black beret and you've got the eclectic look of these musicians. Every member has his/her own look, which reflects the sound, a combo of pop, folk, blue grass, and country styles (or so the band states on their site) that's pumping through the rhythmic veins of Chicago. When they play, no matter with who, they steal the show, the lights, and possibly a few drinks. And what do they sing about, things as simple as "Fiddle Away," which by the way is the title of said song. Let your brain be fiddle-diddled with some free listening on REVERBNATION.

The Band:
Amberlee Sheehan
Arielle Luckmann
Paul Larson

 Jams and Downloads @ REVERBNATION: