Saturday, December 10, 2011

"Jerks in Cyber Space" A Response

Jerks in Space  by John J. Karnes - I picked up this book at Quimby's about five months ago and I have to admit this is currently my favorite mini-comic. What pulled me in was the title, Jerks in Space: Latest Mini-Comic, (Science Edition) and my favorite issue of this publication, Jerks in Space: Manifesto. What I read was pure comic pleasure (no pun intended), the foot notes and self-awareness draw one into Karnes with delightful recognition that this is a comic book. It's really refreshing since many 'self-aware' works seem lazy or juvenile. Jerks, becomes a somewhat dialog with the reader, which I appreciate and love the juxtaposition of self-recognition, both of a fantasy world and our actual world that exists outside the comic. One may be wondering what the plot is, of course they would. If that is you, dear reader, if you are wondering what the plot is, brace yourself for space serpents who appreciate art on Earth and their attempt to keep humans producing good art, sometimes by tragic, political tactics, and the use of robots.
What follows next is my response to Karnes' work. Untitled, by David Scheier, drawn in the style of Jerks in Space mini-comic.

Jerks in Space Response by David Scheier

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